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CM: Hide Command

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Possible enhancement request for CM2.

Currently, the Hide command can give misleading results when giving group orders, depending on the current hiding state of the units in the group.

Steps to repeat:

1. Place Unit A in Hide

2. Place Unit B Stop Hide

3. Select Both Units A and B

4. Available right-click command is either Hide or Stop Hiding (it may or may not match what the oposite of the state of the current unit that the unit information screen is showing).

5. Issue the command Hide or Stop Hide.

Result is toggle: Unit A will Stop Hide, Unit B will Hide.

I think the command should act as an absolute command, not a toggle.

The reason this is important (to me) is that I usually like to start my setup with all units hidden and then unhide selected units. The current implementation forces me to select each unit to know.

There may be other commands that function this way too, but that's the one that I run into most often.

I know, I know, I know...I'm lazy.


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