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Ok test worked so another try :)

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Just want to say I just played the demo and was blown away... WOW. I'v been war gaming for 20 years (from the old C-64) and nothing has had this big an impact smile.gif

So my question....

I saw at CombatHQ (that CM site, yes I was looking for tactical hints smile.gif ) in a game between two people they were posting 'movies' of the rounds. I assume that this is just a recording of the 60 second round which you can play on your CM game.

Is there any way, if you save movies from all your rounds, to link them together into one 30 minute (for 30 rounds) movie. Just thought it would be really cool to see the whole battle play like WWII film footage.

Also. Trying to reply on the sherman and sandbag post but my message is not showing up? Bug?



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