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CM Modifications on CD-R

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Hi there,

I'm rather new to this whole CM universe but already severely addicted to this game. I learned that it exists when the German version was released here in Germany but I got the U.S. version (because that is always the better choice). I tried other war games. You know, like TOAoW and such but those hex games bore me to death. CM in contrast I think is the best game ever made. Now I read somewhere that there is already around 1 GB or more of usermade mods. I started to download scenarios and vehicle mods and other stuff but it will take me years with my 56k dial-up connection to get all the stuff I want. So my question is if someonme would be willing to burn his mod collection on CD-R and send it to me. I'd pay for postage and packing and the CD-R's. Hope this request doesn't violate any forum rules. If so, just delete the posting.

Thank you for your time!


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