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Backing up CM!!!!

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All this talk about burning CDs made me try to burn a CD last night. First time I tried with ADAPTEC all went well until the very end and then kicked out the CD with an error. Pissed me off so I did it again...same thing. Third time I went into the advanced setup for the program, changed the copy speed from 4X to 2X AND unchecked a box that said something to the extent of "copy entire CD at one time" and it worked fine. The box that I unchecked did numerous read/writes instead of a continuous read/write. That might be your problem. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.

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For light scratches on CD's, you can use an electric toothbrush and toothpaste to gently buff them out. Toothpaste is an excellent mild abrasive.

The Adaptec CD copier is the way to go. I have made back up copies of all three versions of CM that I own(versions 1.0,1.05,1.11)without problems. But then I again, my CD-ROM is a 48x.

Besides having problems with CD speed, you can also have problems with HD speed. Both adaptec programs write data into a swap file on the hard drive before sending it out to the CD burner. If the hard drive you've got the swap file on is slow due to low free space and/or fragmentation, the hard drive can cause the CD burner to buffer underrun. This can be particularly nasty, because it isn't always picked up in the test.

You'd be surprised how freaking slow in sustained read and write speeds some of the larger hard drives are. Sure, they have 1MB/sec burst speeds, but that's not what counts when your burning cd's. It's just sustained read/write speed. And, it gets worse the more capacity of the hard drive is used. And, even worse when you are sharing the drive with the operating system. frown.gif

So, my suggestion is that you set the Adaptec Easy CD/CD Copier swap file to point to a drive that doesn't have the operating system on it and a lot of free space. Otherwise, you need to clean up and defrag your hard drive. You can also try playing with the write speeds in the programs and the file system settings in the OS. If that fails, get another hard drive, SCSI preferred, and a really fast SCSI controller card.

There is a free hard drive sustained read/write speed tester called "echo reporter" available at http://www.echoaudio.com in the downloads section.

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Originally posted by Pascal DI FOLCO:


Do you have an external or internal burner ?

I've had same probs with an external, not since I have an internal.

And what's your CD reader speed ? If it's not 40+, it's normal you have probs burning at 4x.

Mine is an internal and I think 32X (I'm at work now). I changed my defaults so I shouldn't have any problems now (at least I hope).


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