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Simple idea to improve AI games

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Just a thought, but what if someone were to write a simple program that took in a whole bunch of files that had the same name, numbered differently, like:




and output one of them randomly as File.cmb? ie. you would be playing one of three scenarios without knowing which one...

Then scenerio designers could make multiple versions of the same scenerio with different enemy starting positions and forces. Because of the cool way CM already varies its behaviour from game to game, you could then play against the AI, and have absolutely *no idea* where the enemy was going to start and what it was going to be using against you, over and over.

For example, with six different versions of one scenario (three starts: left, middle, right - and two different forces: mainly infantry, mainly armor =3x2=6), you could play it over and over, and you would need to develop a generally solid strategy to prepare for the unknown. As it stands now, after one "blind" game the fun is gone, and you can be a gamey bastard and win easily.

I think a program like this would be great for those of us who still like playing the AI and like knowing the map well, but not what to expect. So...can someone code it? And...er...for mac too?


(PS sorry if this has been covered b4 - but i haven't seen it mentioned)

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Well, you could just play different maps, but I take it that's not what you're after.

Or, you could send a map to a 3rd party, with a couple different unit selections. The 3rd party would put them on the map in different places, and send the map back.

This is also how you can set up QBs on pre-made maps. Both players email their units to the 3rd party, who puts them on the map, tournament saves it, and sends it to one of the players.

And yes, for the 21st time, I am volunteering to be the 3rd party. Email me the map you want and the units, and I'll set it up for you. It's amazing how few people take me up on this.


The Last Defense- Made any scenarios? Send them here!

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Originally posted by 109 Gustav:

And yes, for the 21st time, I am volunteering to be the 3rd party. Email me the map you want and the units, and I'll set it up for you.

well that's 21 kind offers. Thanks, i might take you up on that smile.gif

i still think having it automated would be useful...for a start you could play your own scenarios without knowing what is gonna happen, and without bothering anyone else (misanthropes might dig that, or people without regular email access).

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It can't be that difficult to do a small Basic/Pascal/C/whatever program that do this.

Perhaps I should give Qbasic a go...

Something like (assuming three optional files, File0, File1, File2):

10 x=3*rnd

20 if x<1 then (copy File0 File); goto 60

40 if x<2 then (copy File1 File); goto 60

50 copy File3 File

60 Randomize

70 END



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