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Onboard mortar pause

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Something I believe would be useful would be using the existing pause command for on-board mortars.

I have done the obligatory search and I am not referring to micro-managing AFV fire or even on-board mortars ... fire 4 rounds, pause, fire 4 rounds. While that may be nifty, it's not what I am getting at.

If, for example, you have a reasonable expectation that enemy forces will hit a treeline within LOS about 40 seconds into the next turn, the capability in the order phase to pause 30 seconds before firing would be useful. Those 30 seconds, plus the 6 second command delay would be just about right to hit them as the arrive and presumably pause before moving out.

The benefit is that, depending on the mortar you have, you don't squander half to three-fourths of your ammo loadout on empty woods because it opened fire 6 seconds after the turn began.

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