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Where do the casualties go

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They seem to disappear into thin air, or is the last brave soldier carrying something like 10 guys.

Ok some can walk and/or crawl out of there but there should at least be some wounded POWs after a battle specially if one side surrenders.

For example:

You completely overrun your enemy you'll have an AAR that says

375 casualties (70KIA)

80 captured

2 guns destroyed

1 vehicle knocked out

Men OK: 5

5 men left the area in time

80 didn't have a scratch on them and got captured

70 died

300 where shoot and managed to get away

5 got away ok and carried maximum 5 other.

100 could walk for them selves

195 missing

Actually I just want more victory points to compensate for losing three Übertanks to a lousy AT gun... smile.gif

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As they have no further function in the game, they are not modelled. The dead body represents the last casualty of that unit. The rest are assumed to be lying wounded on the battlefield/crawled off to die or get medical help/got dragged away by their buddies etc. I can only assume that to show the casualties would have involved a lot of extra progamming effort with no benefit to the game except perhaps some dubious visual enhancement.

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But the autosurrender isnt really a surrender. Its just a quick way to stop a game from going on and on until the last enemy soldier is dead or captured. Maybe a better soulution would be to have a 'disengage' order/'auto disengage'. Just let the computer calculate calculate who got away and who didnt.


My sorry excuse for posting here is to learn english. Whats yours?

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