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MBX Operation Sparta


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I’m thinking on running a Mail Battle Exercise (MBX) instead of running

another CPX. Mostly due to up coming major holidays and trying to get

players together over weekends :)

What I would like to know if there are players who would be interested

in participating in an MBX instead of a CPX and for me to get some

practice on running an MBX?

The way I’m going to do this, is that the players will start in Brigade

Staff positions during the planning phase then step down to command

battalions except for the Brigade commanders who would remain in that

position. You will send orders at the tactical level to me whom I would

implement and ran the battle on my computer and send back reports and

screen shots.

There will be log packs to resupply units, engineers, and a lot of other

elements to command.

This is an excerpt from “The MBX FAQ” by Riki Tiki and James Sterrett for players who may not know what an MBX is

“MBX stands for Mail Battle eXercise, which is a double-blind umpired wargame based on the somewhat more common CPX (Command Post eXercise), a type of wargame real life militaries play for training purposes. Both games attempt to do the same thing: simulate the experience of command from inside a command post which is where most modern combat is controlled (not on the actual field of battle). Unlike a CPX, however, which is usually played in a single day at a frenetic pace in real time, an MBX is conducted at a more leisurely pace over e-mail, typically for a period of several months. Thus, an MBX can explore the details of battle in a way that promotes in-depth discussion and careful analysis among the players as opposed to testing quick reactions under pressure”.

For more information about MBX http://www.tacopshq.com/MBX/mbxfaq.html

So you can see it will be done over months instead of a weekend.

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