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If anyone is interested you can get copies of actual 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps from 1943-44 of Normandy from the Printed books Department of the Imperial War Museum in London. E mail is books@iwm.org.uk. They seem to be limited to the British and Canadian areas of operations but these areas are covered in full detail - some of the Beach Maps show defences plotted by intelligence and some of the inland maps also show details of road widths, whether a road is hedged and natural tank obstacles. If anyones interested drop them a line and ask for an order form for Class no. 01/5(4-16).2

I recommend 1:25,000 40-16-SW for Caen, 37-16-SW for Tilly sur Seules and 37-16-SE for Cheux 37-16-NE for Thaon (Covers the early June Battles of 21 Panzer and 12ss at Lebisey, Cambes and La Londe).

Costs for copies are GBP 6.00 each. I am not sure about additional costs for overseas delivery.

I have used the maps to update maps for sevr lof the epsom battles and the Sunken lane scenario.

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