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TacOps v406AH Patch (2 Meg) Available

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TacOps v406_AH update patches have been uploaded to the following support site.

This is not a comprehensive update package. You must have already installed the v406_AG update.


The Windows patch is titled "TacOps_406AHuShort.zip".

The Macintosh patch is titled "TacOps_406AHuShort.sit".

If you do not see those file names then hit the "Refresh" button on your web browser.

A. Download and then Unzip or Unstuff the patch file for your OS.

B. Then read and carefully follow the instructions contained in the file "Instructions & Copyright.txt". This is not an auto installer. You must manually copy/move each file from the patch folder to a precise location in your TacOps4 folder - so as to replace any files or folders of the same name.

This patch is only for the retail editions of TacOps v403 through v406AG. Do not apply this patch package to TacOps v3.x or to any military version of TacOps - permanent damage will result. This patch is comprehensive for TacOps v403 through v406AE so there is no need to retain or install any previous patch.

Below are the changes that have been made to the TacOps4 program since v406AG (the last official release).


Bug fix. The Unit Information window displayed incorrect values for the amount of ammunition remaining in a unit.

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