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Hi-res or Low-res?

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Have seen there are terrain types available for DL over at CMHQ: low-res versions and 1 hi-res version.

How do u define low-/hi-res?

1024=hi-res and lower resoulutions are low-res?

If so, are the terrain files better at specific resolutions? ie the resolution they were "designed" in.

Im running at 1152res, would it be better for me to to change to 1024?...or whatever the terrain-mod-resolutions are...

And where do I change resolution? Does it use same res as my desktop?

BTW, anyone making Gridded-Hi-Res winter-terrain out there?



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The res refers to the resolution of the texture. Textures are basically bitmaps which are "folded" over the bare polygons. A higher res texture means the bitmap is of a higher resolution i.e. more pixels which will obviously look sharper. It has nothing to do with your screen resolution. What it does have to do with is how much VRAM you have. Larger textures take up more VRAM and if you don't have enough you'll experience slowdown as the video card is forced to use system memory. As a rough guide if you have 16 megs or less of VRAM use low-res textures. Now you know why cards like my new Voodoo 5500 with 64 megs of VRAM are so sweet!

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Guest Madmatt

See my new Madmatt's MOD Guide on CMHQ. I talk about this very issue.



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