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It's All about Perspectives! Tuesday Update On CMHQ!

Guest Madmatt

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Guest Madmatt

Good evening all!

We have a nice heavy load of things to brighten up your dreary winters night.

Wild Bill Wilder has provided a very nice Historical Perspective on the Arnhem action. This can be found in the Arnhem section of the Screenshot Gallery. Thanks Bill!

Bill Carey has offered up two Heroes cut from different cloth from each other. They are both now available for viewing on page 3 of the Heroes Corner sectioon.

Also burried in another redundant 'Tell us anything PLEASE!!!' rolleyes.gif type post were some new comments from Steve on the current state of things. We have this new message as well as full versions of the updates from December also available. Use the link on the News page to get there!

Thats all, Enjoy!

Madmatt out... cool.gif


If it's in Combat Mission, it's on Combat Mission HQ!


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