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Immersion Plus - an old gaming technique :)

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Want a way to improve immersion and play the game with real FOW?

This is a trick we did for the beta demo -

Play CM with only view 1! Use the the -/+ keys to cycle around to your units, and give orders using view 1 only! Leave it at view 1 for the entire game, don't even try to get extra recon by changing view! You only see what your units can see smile.gif You can lock to units, but that's about it

Now let's see how good that AI is now! biggrin.gif

Even during the movie phase, keep it a view 1! If you want to get extreme, watch the movie only once! You'll have to decide from which unit you will watch the movie from. Now that's real FOW and set of the pants stuff. tongue.gif

Please try it - its the way CM should be played in my opinion



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SOme extra points - your allowed to use view 7 and 8 as well smile.gif Treat it as a map

All moves have to plotted from the POV of a locked unit, no scolling around in view 1. View 7+8 should be treated as a map and recon, no plotting here execept for group moves. Think of this a general platoon orders etc.

Movie watching should be only viewed from locked unit's pov or unlocked nearby. No movie watching from view 7 or 8 smile.gif

I think that's about

Ps - its very easy to run into ambushes wink.gif


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Actually, I'd like to see this as one of the FOW options when you start a scenario. Currently there is None, Partial, and Full. How about an "Extreme" option that would limit both sides to view 1 locked to units. And view 7 and 8 with no units showing and no movies. And maybe view 5 locked to units.

That would be intense, and realistic.

Want view 3 or 4? Then purchase a spotter plane in DYO mode.

Please, Steve and Charles, pretty please?

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Here's something similar I've been thinking about trying:

1. Play from the point of view of one of the "free" HQ units (view 1, locked always)

2. Another person ("GM" in a sense) gives you "radio" reports from all the other HQ units still active. A good "GM" would give the reports in character.


Veteran = "Well, I was sitting drinking my tea, when an SMG team popped up in the trees about 50m away where the clearing, hill, and trees meet (about coords x,y). We took some rounds, but came through ok. Looked to be about 7 infantry troops in the enemy platoon. We ducked and took cover, moved up slope about 20m and returned fire. They appear to be hunkered down, and slightly shaken. Not sure who was surprised more heh heh. Also spotted a STUG III bearing 19 deg, at a range of about 600m, heading SW at a fast clip. Platoon x,y, and z are all with us still, all at full strength. What are your orders?"

3. You then give "radio" reports back to the "GM" who then executes (or tries his best to figure out what you meant) the orders.

4. If a unit is out of C&C, then they get no orders.

Some problems I see:

1. Need a map of the battlefield, with coords. Print out, screen capture or another instance of CM running should work (is this doable?).

2. How to plot moves from view 1? I haven't tried doing this, but it seems like you wouldn't be able to move anywhere that is out of LOS. Which means you have to stop at the top of every hill. Should be a short game. Anyone have any ideas on overcoming this?

Seems like this would work hot-seat or email, but email would work better.

I've only played CE twice against the AI, and I'm not usually a wargamer, so I'm probably quite a ways off from trying something like this, although if anyone wants to try it, I'd be willing to give a go at being "GM", even though it seems like a lot of work, and I'm sure there are people out there who would do a better job than I.

BTW, I haven't been this excited about a game since Half-Life (I'm not usually an FPS gamer either). Thanks BTS.

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