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MAGTF Semper Fi CPX, Jan 22, 2005


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The author of this scenario is Rikki Tikki who put a lot of work in it and was gracious enough to let me use it for this CPX. There are some small changes from the original scenario made to it. So you could say that from a movie production point of view. Rikki is the author and I'm the director.

I'm looking for players and commanders for a CPX to be run on January 22, 2005

Background story line: On the morning of Sept 5, a small peaceful nation has just been invaded by an aggressive country from the north(OPFOR). The U.S., responding from the request from the host nation has sent the 26th MEU (SOC) to the area as the first step in liberating the region from OPFOR control. The MEU has been tasked with

landing in OPFOR's rear and establishing a beachhead along the western coast of the invaded country as OPFOR's main forces are currently laying siege to the capital some 20 km south of the intended landing zone (LZ) in advance of heavier forces slated to arrive the following


The current scenario plan will easily handle 5 players per side (one CO, 3 maneuvers, one fire support).

List of players for the Jan 22, CPX as of Dec 7.

James Sterrett - Red

Ralf Pichocki - Red

Gary Chilcote - Red

Paul Csokay - Blue

Fredrik Scheuer - Blue

Hub - Blue

Chaim Krause - Blue

Corey Peltz - Blue

Peter Maidhof - Blue (Planning only)

Map: 502 Special CPX Edition (located at

http://tacopshq.com/Maproom/index.html#anchor4833405 to be down loaded)

Scenario: Custom Scenario USMC

IRC server: schlepper.hanse.de, port 7024, default channel #tacops

Backup IRC: www.combatmission.com, port 7000, default channel #tacops

Start time: 1500GMT (0900 US Central)

Please let me know if you intend to play

( josborne6@kc.rr.com ), so we can get the teams organized.

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