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Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: With research a player would increase attack and defence values of units thereby reproducing the improved technology of the latter pat of the war.

I note that WW2 lasted for 6 years and the German tanks were designated from Mark 1 to Mark 6. Note the repetition of the number ?6?.

Therefore, in the game, the technology level of each unit begins at level 1 and we set the maximum to be level 6.

We make a presumption that if there has been no war, it would have taken 18 years for the technology to go from Level 1 to Level 6.

Therefore the normal improvement in technology is 1/3 of a level per year. In which case it takes 3 years for the technology to go from any level to the next level. And 18 years to go from Level 1 to Level 6.

If the player spends nothing on research, then the level of technology increases at the normal rate ? 1/3 of a level per year.

Each unit has a number of variables (see separate post). In a research screen, a player could ?research? a selection of variables. It costs production points to do research. Ultimately, as a result of research, each of these units reaches the next level of technology much quicker than at the normal rate. This gives the player Tiger tanks in 1943 instead of waiting till 1955!

Each country has a limited number of points. If the points are spent somewhere then there are fewer points to spend in other places.

CONS: It might be difficult to balance the game

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