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Some observations

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First off I'd like to say I'm highly impressed with what I've seen so far smile.gif Great job Steve, Charles and Kwazydog smile.gif

I saw several things that I wasnt expecting the first that was a big plus for me was the fact PANZERSHCREKS can now run and Sneak - major difference in play smile.gif

I also liked the group move thing although Im still getting used to it, as it works a little differently than I expected. A definitel plus in set up time tho smile.gif

The smoke graphics are an Overwhelming improvement IMHO they made such a difference for visuals smile.gif

The building transparencies were another HUGE bonus for eye candy smile.gif

I saw NO reduction in my frame rate for the game

I have a p3 500 tnt2 32mB vidcard 128 pc100sdram, SBL etc etc

I also liked the new sounds better alot of good stuff in there - I think If cool COL does some mods here they should be (jsut my oopinion tho) individual wav swaps as overall they rock

I found the ambushing more effective _ hehe or at least the ai did :P

Probably lots more but this is all that i can think of for the moment - keep in mind I havent played the NEW SCENARIO

I think the ONLY thing i didnt care for was the lack of distinction between the grass that represents elevation - I think Im just used to COOL cOL js so - I would probably like to see him adjust this as before (easier on my eyes)

FANTASTIC JOB GUYS I cant wait for the release smile.gif



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