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I didn't see where this was posted yet, so here it is, from Tim Chown at Gamesdomain:

"In the absence of our reviews on Combat Mission and Battlecry, I'll talk a little more on each game here, and what it is about each that I particularly like so far (the reviews should be written this weekend, be patient :). It's well-known that Combat Mission "breaks new ground" for offering a 3D battlefield in a turn-based game. It has a simultaneous turn resolution once orders have been plotted by both sides. It has realistic line-of-sight and fog-of-war, variable degrees of spotting, troops with morale, a host of missions and a random battle generator. Of course, this isn't all new. TacOps had simultaneous turns first, Close Combat had morale a long time ago, and Muzzle Velocity had a 3D WWII battlefield. But the point is that until now, no-one has combined those three important elements, and topped them by conveying a really gripping battle atmosphere. Perhaps most exciting is the way the game is so well-suited to play by e-mail (PBEM), yet oddly it doesn't feature TCP/IP support for live Internet games. However, if PBEM is to have a renaissance, it'll be now or never. A candidate for GDR Gold. "

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