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CM Aftermath predictions

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Well its out!!! some have it!!! smile.gif

some dont !!! frown.gif including me)

But never the less,its been a huge success.

So what now!!

Will every other, or some other, developers attempt clones.

The bench mark has been set.

Will CM2 surpass CM1 in success,not just in sales,but in the quality of the game itself.and leave the would be clonies forever playing catch up?

Will CM die here??? ( I think Not)

It will be interesting to see what comes on the market in the near future.But i think any would be clone maker will have a tough job to come up with the goods.

Mainly because they are money motivated and driven,of which im sure these BTS guys were to,to a degree.

But they also had the pride and enthusiasum for the game as well,which soley money motivated developers lack,which itself translates into game,which we have all played a title or two of, that lacks the feeling and immersion that well crafted game's built by dedicated people have.


"Some people don't see the light until they first feel the heat"

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Guest Michael emrys

However much I might disagree with Charles or Steve on this or that point, I've never had a moment's doubt that they were sincerely intent on doing the job right and that they did so from a spontaneous love of the subject.

And that's what it takes! I would urge would-be copycats to find something they truly care about and stick with that instead of flooding the market with yet more CRAP.


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