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Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: That the rate of production varies based upon players strategic decisions

The production of each major power begins at a base figure. If production is 100%, they can (for example) produce 10 Widgets a month.

Within the ?factory screen? the player can spend production points to increase the rate of production.

Each country has a limited number of points. If the points are spent somewhere then there are fewer points to spend in other places.

If the rate of production increases, it might soon get to 110%. Which means of course you could now produce 11 Widgets per month.

When it reaches 150%, you can produce 15 Widgets per month and so on and so forth.

If the player spent a lot of points to increase the rate of production, it might reach 600%. At which time they could produce 60 Widgets a month. The game developer needs to set a maximum.

Designate a series of hexes across the map as factory hexes. Another way to increase production is that a minor neutral joins the war on your side. His factory hexe(s) add to your rate of production ? hence pre war diplomacy (see separate post on diplomacy)

The third way is to invade a country and capture its factory hexes. If you capture the enemy?s factory hexes his rate of production declines and your rate of production increases. A captured factory hex can never produce as much as a friendly factory hex.

Cons: There may be too many or too few factory hexes for balance.

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