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Guest Ol' Blood & Guts

It would really help if you did read the instructions.

The 60 seconds is the turn played out in a movie that can be reviewed and played back from any angle you wish using VCR-like controls.

The game uses a turn-based/simulateneous resolution. Each player gives orders and then you hit "Go!" and the CPU computes the turn and then it plays it out in a 60 second movie that represents 60 seconds of real-time battle.

The greatest thing with the orders menu is that you can micromanage all you want by giving a single unit as many orders as you wish. ie. Fast move to here, Move to there, Hunt to over there. Target that enemy. etc....


"Why don't we say that we took this one chance, and fought!"

"Stupid humans. Hahahahahahaha!"

--from the film Battlefield Earth

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