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Squads with casualties

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When a squad shows casualties, I'm assuming the dead and wounded members have been left where they fell. Those still alive may be receiving medical attention, but I gather such administrative activities are not our concern as we or the AI direct the combat capable personnel.

So, if there's a moving 4-man platoon HQ showing one healthy man and three casualties, is there only one man present and continuing to engage (or hide from) the enemy, or is the unwounded man accompanied by up to three limping soldiers presenting the enemy with a four-man target?

One reason I ask is that in Last Defense, my hunting TD fired an HE round at a one-man-left Kraut platoon HQ only 5 meters away in the wheat field -- AND MISSED. [Had I deliberately targeted the HQ at that range, I would have specified the TD's machine gun. After all, I'm not a brutal killer!]


Airborne Combat Engineer Troop Leader (1966-1968)

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Guest Big Time Software

When a man moves over to the little red cross symbol, that means he is totally out of action for one or more reasons. These are all abstracted, but they range from KIA to whimpering mound of mush smile.gif So if you see a unit with 1 man, it is (as far as the game is concerned) just that.

The TacAI has been tweaked since the demo to not waste HE on ineffective units. Keep in mind though that Hellcats have crappy MG capabilities so running out of MG ammo is pretty much assured.


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