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My greatest gripe with CM


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Yes, you're all quite right. I am indeed a person of low moral character with a lot of growing up to do.

My heartfelt apologies for using those two foul words in a moment of zeal and thereby breaching the terms of this board. I have humbly retracted them to spare future readers the trauma of reading them.

Maybe I should be banned... yawn...


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Guest Michael emrys

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mr. Clark:

...and I would rather have to read the word Fricking to my kid, than the alternative.)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Why? Seriously. Both words have the same meaning. They are just different letter or sound combinations.

People only find them offensive if they are uncomfortable about the actions which they name. And while I am willing to view their discomfort in a compassionate way and not go out of my way to aggrevate it, neither am I willing to let such people dictate what is proper language, since it seems to me that they are coming from a place of neurosis. I think our concern for them should be to help them achieve a healthier attitude towards their lives.


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Oh COM'ON you sissies!

You guys make me sick about being offended by a curse word being used to emphasize a particular (****ing) point.

The point is that most of us ARE adults, and if you can't take the use of a "wordy-dird" everynow and then, then go back and crawl under your rock and let the rest of us enjoy life.

Geez, I can't believe you ****ers some time, and I don't even come around here much anymore.


All that sleeps, awakens...

All that awakens, hungers...

All that hungers, feeds...

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Guest Big Time Software

OK, KNOCK IT OFF. I am tempted to nuke this entire thread. I don't think I have every done that before, but I like to keep a record of what has gone on here and nuking is pretty final.

As for foul language... try to keep it off here. If it is not directed at someone, I understand that it isn't nearly as bad as when it is. Still, we have asked that people do not use the language and therefore would like people to respect that. But no need to go overboard folks...

Steven Smith, I understand your point (which is in fact agreeing with our position), but really don't think you needed to make it in that way. However, you very much did prove a point, even if in a crude and not very appreciated manner.


Ianic... if you want you can try again with a new thread smile.gif

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