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I need force info for a scenario

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Im doing an operation in a large town, 2km by 1.2km, and i need info about the ammount of support that a german ss or heer battallion would get in the form of AT-guns, Inf. guns/howitzers and vehicles/tanks.

what would be reasonable for them when defending.


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Oddball, you didn't say what type of SS or Heer Abteilung. They were outfitted differently and or Infantry, Pioneer,

Aufklarungs, or PanzerGrenadier, and or Motorized versus Panzer. But I'll try and give you some examples. This would differ ofcourse, depending upon the time frame during the war. But let's take a look at what I'm guessing is closest to what you might want and a unit that was stationed in France in the autumn of '43'.

Following reference is from: German Order of Battle 1944 by Brian L. Davis

60 Panzer Grenadier Division


Pz. Abt. 160

Fus. Rgt. Feldherrnhalle (120)

Gr. Rgt. Feldherrnhalle (271)

Arty. Rgt. 160

Pi. Btl. 160

Pz. Jag. Abt. 160

Nachr. Abt. 160

Now, within the several lower level unit compositions exists ofcourse a wide variation of equipment distribution, each with their own specific mission function, we'll choose the Grenadier Regiment and take a peek at a typical Pz. Gren. Regiment composition.

Following reference is from: Handbook on German Military Forces by Louisiana State University Press, Introduction by Stephen E. Ambrose

Page 125 (I'm assuming you want an armored Pz. Gren. Unit).

Panzer Grenadier Regiment

(There is a flow chart breakdown that I cannot represent in this post obviously, so here is the narrative).

"The two regiments of the Armored Division are comprised of only two battalions, a heavy infantry howitzer company (self propelled), and an engineer company. One of the four battalions in the division is designated armored (Gepanzert or G.p.), because it is equipped with armored personnel carriers and mounted arms enabling the crews to fight from their vehicles. The other three battalions of the division are motorized only. The regiment of which the armored battalion is a component also is designated armored. The other regiment which contains two motorized battalions is designated motorized."

Confused yet? Okay, let's take a further look at a Panzer Grenadier Abt. breakdown.

Same reference, page 127.

Panzer Grenadier Battalion, Army Armored Division, Total Strength 867

(Now, this is a rather tricky flowchart, so I'm giving you a brief summary based upon what you originally asked for and is abreviated not listing infantry, small arms, or transport).

Bn. HQ / 6 LMG's / 8 Mtr. Vehicles

Pz. Gr. Co. / 6 20mm AA Guns Motorized

/ 2 75mm Inf Howitzers(SP)

/ 25 Motorized Vehicles

/ 2 81 mm Mortars

There are three Pz. Gr. Companies, all equipped essentially the same), and one

Hv. Wpns. Co / 4 120mm Mortars

/ 6 75mm Inf Howitzers(SP)

/ 21 Motorized Vehicles

(Note, the 75mm Howitzers are listed as "Self Propelled").

A foot note lists 87 "armored vehicles" as included in this TOE (which is not fully listed above), but my interpretation is that they are referring to Halftracks.

The TOE for each type of battalion, and each type of mission specific type, i.e., Panzer Jager, Infantry, or Pioneer, would be different, as well as differences between SS and Heer. Oh, and remember too, the second reference lists what the Germans Official records listed, and does not I believe, take into account variations due to localized or strategic shortages, (understrengths), and or situational battle damages.

If your really going to get down into the details of this, I would recommend the two citations above. Between them, you can determine the exact TOE for any unit the German Army fielded, right down to the company level.


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I take it we are talking infantry here.

Well according to Ian Shaw's "WWII Army organisations and equipment" a 44/45 German infantry Battalion's support company was equipped as follows:

4 120mm mortars


6 80mm Mortars

I would think that an SS Battalion might be somewhat overstrength.

I stand ready to be corrected! smile.gif


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Thanx guys... I am actually talking all kinds of forces... im gonna make some Ops to test out the new Urban Mod that I and Lucky shot are working on... and im gonna make one of every type, ie one with ss, one with heer etc... thats why i was wondering.


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