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Not the usual artellery request

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This must be an umpopolar request wink.gif

This post is only about artellery in MEETING ENGAGEMENTS....

The Request:

Take away the field and of-map artillery ( EXCEPT mortars under 90mm) from the meeting engagement buy options, or forbid it from firing in the 1st 20 turns or yet make it more expensive.


1) The major lemitation of any wargame, the limited combat area.You always know that your enemy is within the map. In real world the enemy can even not show up ! ( A ME is not an assault, where you know that the enemy is there )

2) In the 2nd WW, the time needed to setup a battery of artillery was greater then nowadays. So how can a meeting engagemet, a fortuitous combat, taking in average 30 mins, always have artillery fire ?

3) Currently some PBEMs are artellery duels . Do you actually believe that a real world (2nd WW) meeting engaemet is decided with artellery and static guns ?

Your thoughts in this matter will be welcome



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For the most part, I think meeting engagements are battles where advanced scouts have already know that there are units in the area.

The Arty batteries did take a while to set up, but as far as off board arty in the game, it is already setup. It is just a matter of the fo calling in the coordinates to the arty battery. Which is why more experienced fo's do it faster. (quicker at the map readying, better at calling it in etc)

And yes, a lot of battles were decided on how and when the arty was dropped.


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