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Epinions- Our Friend

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Hey, y'all- we're for real (finally) at Epinions.com, with pictures & links & everthang- check http://www.epinions.com/game-Software-All-PC-Combat_Mission_Beyond_Overlord

The nice man there also said: "You'll notice that there's no reviews attached to it; right now I'm in the

process of moving the reviews that are attached to Combat Mission that was

suggested as a product to the URL above. This move will appear on the site

tomorrow night.

"I was shocked to see there was already 14 reviews written about the game!

That's fantastic.

"Thank you again for using the spreadsheet. If you are in touch with the other

review writers, thank them and send along my apologies for the delay in adding

the game to the taxonomy." -Brian White, Category Manager, Computer & Video Games

And thanks to those, you know who you are (the usual suspects), for the early co-support.


smile.gif (token smiley, kinda cute now they're endangered, doncha think?)

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