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valley of whoop ass!

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Still waiting for the game, but I played the "valley of trouble" mission in the demo. Pretty cool.

For the first several turns I was pinned by pillboxes. I moved up my heavies only to take a nasty mobile gun hit from a far forest. DOH! I quickly retreated the other tank behind the lip of the hill and concentrated a charge of infantry at the gun.

Major meat grinder for awhile, but once I had it, I moved the tank up on the hill over the town and placed MGs in trees on the opposite slopes. Then the reenforcements came. MY LORD! 4 more tanks!

Soon it was the valley of whoop ass as my tanks hunted for LOS spots to nail the bunkers that were still eating my troops on the other side of the map.

Then I cringed in fear as a Panzer took the rise on the far enemy hill. ALL my tanks were exposed! It was a tense two turns, but I lost one tank to the panzer, and another to mud, oops didnt know about those spots on the ground.

A cruel cruel clean up after that. I was watching in maxed in view as tanks took the lips of hills or came out of trees to expose enemy infantry who were instantly lite up.

Man this game is cool! Damn you mail man, move faster!!!!

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