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Mods and email compatibility?

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I have a couple of questions regarding the "mods" that are in the works.

1. Are there going to be compatibility problems with people playing email games when one has "mods" on and the other one doesn't?

2. I know "mods" are never supported by the game publishers, but I'm wondering if the game designers approve of certain "mods" for this game (The graphic mods. I know weapon mods will make the game move towards the ridiculous, or at least have that possibility .. ie.. rail gun on a Tiger tank).

3. How much would or will the mods slow down the game, interfere with the program, etc.. or is that just dependant on the mod? I assume graphic mods just replace a .bmp or texure file and shouldn't interfere, but possibly have a small hit (or more?) on frame rate if the graphics are more intense.

4. And last, tell us the game is being shipped smile.gif Well ok, that has nothing to do with mods smile.gif


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Guest Captitalistdoginchina

Very good question,

I would love to use the graphic and sound mods to take advantage of my SB live card and TNT2.

Would our pbem opponents have to use the same mods? I am guessing not because the pbem file only contains orders and instructions - the movie and graphics are displayed by our own computers capability. Maybe i just answered my own question?



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Guest KwazyDog

Hiya Guys wink.gif

1) Nope, non at all. All changes simple change what you hear and see, no gameplay changes whatsoever.

2) I dont think Steve and Charles will mind graphical and sound mods. smile.gif Its just playing with the outside layers of the game. Its not possable to make mods that change vehicle stats as all internal data is encrypted...

3) Pretty much not at all. I just was playing with a grass texture that is 4 times the size of the origional and on my system in 1024 x 768 it didnt slow down the frames per second at all. To take advantage of any higher res textures put out Id recommend a card of 16mb or better.....

4) Ermmm, ahhhh. There are only two people that can tell you that wink.gif


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