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Stoopid question?

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semi-stoopid smile.gif actually it would be a rather valid question if it wasnt for the RTFM factor I think...because I think it is partly covered in the manual...of course I might be totally wrong here and you'ld have a free semi-insult at me...

this is without the manual...well, besides the points bonus you get increasing from (probe to assault), the difference to meeting engagement is of course that the defender is able to occupy the VLs with his troops and prepare for the enemy which will have to come to him to get those VLs. Another diffetrence between probe, attack and assault is the progress that is expected of you, I think. With an assault you are expected to take all those VLs, whereas in a probe a little less gain will get you the same victory level (losses etc. ceteris paribus). Wasn't there something about fortifications being only available in the attack/defend scenarios? man, I haven't played CM for days, and it is really showing.

caveat: this is all IIRC.


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