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CM - First Impressions , thoughts ,AAR -Singling --NO SPOILERS!!

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Hi all ,

Got the game yesterday ... had to milk the cows and watch a b-ball game first.

Six hours late , I go to battle ...

Impressions -- Manual is very "First Class"

even a computer dummy like me can follow along smile.gif

Explanations are real clear and easy to follow.The making scenario chptr might even get me to do a design or 2 ... first ,I'll

map my farm and have battles on my "Home Turf" smile.gif

After looking at the scenarios ... Singling was an obvious choice for a guy named "Abrams" Several hours later , my alarm goes off ... Oh SHOOT , forgot to sleep ...

The map matches my historical map as closely as can be expected in a computer game (awesome !! Maps and OoB info is what I first judge a game on ... you guys nailed a battle that I have studied right on ...gives me confidence that you did good work on battles that I have not studied ) A good romp , for sure .

If someone wants a smaller armor/infantry combined arms scenario , this one would be great starter.Ended in a 45 - 55 Draw

Two suggestions ...

1 Could the scenario list and info be posted to the web site to inform folks just what battles are covered ? Might help sales a tad .

2. As a Farmer and a studier of WWII , I noticed one omission from the rural scenarios... COWS !! They were in nearly every Western Front battlefield .

Could they be added in a patch ? smile.gif

AWESOME GUYS !! As I said before AH/HASBRO/MMP are missing a BIG ONE here!

Abrams , out

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Me too! Me too!

I seconded the motion to include cows in a future update to Combat Mission! Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens, yea, that’s the ticket.

(One GI turns to another and says “Funny. I could have sworn I saw a couple of Germans hiding behind that cow. Huh. Willy, go wake up the cook.”)


Double tap & getsome!

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Glad you liked the Singling Scenario. I used the map in "Small Unit Actions" as the template for the map. I even included the actual names for the US tankers although CM doesn't allow editing of ranks (I begged for it for scenario design purposes).

If you're interested in some of my other scenario design work, I have 2 gems in the works for a planned tournament hosted by TGN/Leadeaters in the next few months.

Enjoy the game -- there are alot of surprises with the scenarios.

Terry "T-Mo" Simo

Wild Bill's Raiders

Scenario Design Team

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What an awesome game! If you thought that the German armor was bad-assed in the demo, just wait! Picture this (I won't give details to avoid spoilers):

A tiny German armor force with a bit of infantry support stands guard over a small town in flat, rough country. A large Allied force approaches the town from several directions, but fortunately for the Germans, the terrain is perfect for the defense. Less than an hour later, the Germans still hold the town minus 40 infantry (20 KIA) and 2 AFV's. The Allied force WALKS out of town despite having outnumbered the Germans nearly 10:1! One of the star German defenders uses his AFV to knock out no less than 15 enemy vehicles and 30 infantry. I may nominate him for the hero's corner. In addition, German AT teams knock out 3 AFV's, one at a range of 140m! Just goes to show you what a few exotic cats manned by VERY experienced crews in good terrain can do.

Note: I replayed that same scenario as the Germans (again) and got my tail handed to me in a paper sack!

Great game, BTS! The AI is amazing - even compared to the demos.

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