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Line Of Sight and about AI


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I was just going through "One cold day"-scenario and noticed one detail that would be nice smile.gif

Ability to 'pinpoint' location from map and check LOS from there. I know there is 1st person perspective you can use, but using that in larger maps can sometimes be not only slow but also difficult.

AI is good I have to admit that, but still I'd like to see my own people doing their own decisions other than running away when they start panicking. For example, if there is other squad close by and engaged in combat it would be nice if the other squad would move that half of inch so it could provide more firepower.

-- MS. --

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Regarding an LOS tool, check out this thread:

Feature Request: Point Line-of-Site

As for your squads doing their own thinking... say you positioned a squad, expecting the enemy to appear from a particular direction. Then a nearby squad engaged the enemy, as you suggest. Would you want the first squad to abandon its positions, potentially leaving your flank open to attack?

In other words, the computer can't read your mind, and if it did things on its own you'd just get annoyed. =)


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