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Help with Marco mods

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Hi Sprayfire!

The camo version of the Bergman's Stuart has not yet been released, so it's no surprise that that you can't get it to load. smile.gif Gordon Molek is working on this and I suspect he is close to release.

Gordon has already done a camo version of the Bergman Firefly/Sherman IIa mod which is available at Kump's CM Outpost. In addition to the Stuart, he will be releasing a camo version of the Bergman's Sherman III/V mod and T8/Stuart 'Roo mod.

The reason you are able to run a camo batch file with the Stuart mod is that loading of all the camo versions is already built into the batch files that Marco and Gordon have written. That is, only ONE batch file needs to be run to load ALL the Bergman Brit or Canadian vehicles, and likewise running only ONE camo batch file will load ALL the (released) Molek camo versions of all Marco's mods.

Currently, the camo batch file loads only the Molek/Bergman Firefly/Sherman IIa mod, since that's the only one to be released so far.

BTW, the BMP you mention in your post is the Sherman IIa turret side - part of that camo Firefly mod. You may want to pick this mod up while you are waiting for the release of the camo Stuart biggrin.gif

- Old Dog

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