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Allow players to CHOOSE how closely their campaign will reflect real events...

Guest Peter Martin

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Guest Peter Martin



Synopsis: Players can decide at the outset whether they want their campaign to follow the historical course of WWII, or have the freedom to explore alternate events and outcomes.


Design Summary: At the start of a new campaign, players can choose which of 3 sets of scripted events they will use. These sets are:

1) Full historical accuracy

2) General historical accuracy (similar to scripted events in a current SC2 campaign)

3) Free-form

1 - In full historical accuracy, the events are the war are listed in high detail, so players can expect much more frequent scripted events. These will tend to 'push' the course of the campaign along a route very similar to historical events so players can enjoy seeing the war unfold as it did in reality. This would allow smaller and less significant campaigns (Norway 1940, Operation Dragoon) to occur more reliably even in full-length campaigns. Many people might enjoy learning about real wartime events in this mode.

2 - General historical accuracy is a level of scripted events similar to those currently seen in SC@ - where events persuade, but do not force, the game to mirror real-life events.

3 - Free-form is where only the most important events of the war are presented as scripted events, and even these can easily be altered or prevented by the actions of the player. This gives the player much more freedom and scope to alter reality and explore alternate events, like the fall of Britain, a Japanese invasion of Russia in 1941/2, or the US deciding to pursue the war in the Pacific only.


Problem #1: Play might not develop in a way that suits the more accurate settings, especially in longer campaigns (solution - if the strategic situation no longer fits the scripted event set, then automatically switch to a lower level of realism for the rest of the campaign)

Problem #2: Quite a few new scripted events would need to be written for higher accuracy settings.

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