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help for BG Gainer


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Dear Sirs,

I would like to hear any helpful suggestions on how to solve Battle group Gainer or its American counterpart (I think it is Gallagher). I have been trying to split my forces with one group of mostly tanks, Coyotes and TUA's aggressively defending the Northern route across the screen (from East to West) and a smaller group consisting of M113's carrying ATGM teams and mortar teams to various positions along the southern edge. I usually try to intercept the OPFOR before they establish anything resembling a convoy on the roads leading toward the center of the map.

The problem is that once my northern forces have finished destroying the first echelon of OPFOR, the second echelon arrives and takes a southern route along the mapwhere it has little trouble blowing away my light armoured vehicles and mortar teams. I usually send a few Leopard groups and TUA's across the mountains (hilly terrain) to assist in the battle. However, this mountain route silhouettes my heavy armor and makes them an easy target. Thus, I lose everything. What should I do? Is it a bad idea to split your forces in this game or is it perhaps better to defend and dig in in the central map area where there are many wadis that can be deadly to the passing BRDM's and such? As always, I am very grateful for any suggestions you might have. :D


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The "Battle Group Gainer" series - like most of the Canadian scenarios is very dificult to win if OPFOR is using BMPs rather than BTRs. Even if you do win, your casualties will usually be horrendous. The problem is the lack of long and mid range anti armor weapons in the Canadian battle group.

The US Army equivalent to the "Battle Group Gainer" scenario is "Task Force Gallagher". In Task Force Gallagher the Blue player has 70 long shooters (30 M1 tanks, 34 M2/M3 Bradleys, and 6 M901 IRV) and 18 mid shooters (Javeliin ATGM).

The Canadian Blue force has only 48 long shooters (36 Leopard tanks and 12 TUA) and no mid shooters. The 14 Eryx ATGMs (600 m range) are hard to use except in a last stand type infantry defense - by the time that they can engage its often too late for them to be able to disengage and fall back to a new position.

So it becomes even more important than usual to kill as much as you can with artillery and hidden observers before using direct fire. When you do use direct fire, accept what you can kill with one volley and then immediately withdraw into cover or otherwise break the line of sight from your direct fire units to the OPFOR units. Fall back a kilometer or so and do it again - and again and again.

You have ten kilometers of terrain to use for repeating the tactic of ambush and fall back - use that space.

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