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Improved Carrier Unit

Guest PowerGmbH

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Guest PowerGmbH

Engine: Current Upgraded

Synopsis: Carrier Modifiaction dual Unit

Design Summary: The Aircraft-Carrier will be a "dual" Unit, As marine Unit it behaves like a "Carrier", and as Aircraft Unit it behaves like Tac-Bomber / Fighter, which can be swiched as seen in the Grapics below (red/green: explained below).


The "Aircraft" part of the Carrier receives an ADITIONAL Number in the Strength Icon. In this graphic example the "CARRIER" has a Strength of 10 and the "AIRCRAFT" a Strength of 5, represented by "10,5"

Attacs by NAVAL/LAND Units (i.e. Subs) have consequences on the "CARRIER" Part. Attacs by Aircraft or Aircraft Combat has consequences on the "AIRCRAFT" part oth the Strength, while when the Attaker Attacs with "Tac Bombers" it has consequences on the "CARRIER"-Part.

(Clear is: if the "CARRIER" part has a Strength below 1 (SINKING!) then the Units disappears even if the "Aircraft" Part has Strength 10)

Aditionally The Player CAN decide (right click) to have the Carrier acting as "naval-tac-bomber" OR "air-fighters" OR both but not as strong as normally.

The Player can decide this ONLY while the Carrier still has mouvment points (that means the player has to do the difficult decision 1 turn BEFORE this will be changed)

If the player decides to equip his Fighters with torpedos ( Set "Aircraft"-Part to NAVAL-TAC-BOMBER) the Naval Warfare Upgrade receives a small GREEN light over the naval warfare upgrade number. On the other hand the "fighter" upgrade becomes a small RED

light, indicating that on next turn the "AIRCRAFT"-Part of the carrier will behave fully like a TAC-BOMBER (and can't i.e. intercept ennemy airstrikes on the next turn (!) )

In the grapics example there is i.e. A RED over the Fighters while GREEN over the Naval Warfare. This Carrier has its "AIRCRAFT"-Part equipped with Torpedoes and can NEXT turn make a Powerful Airstike on Naval Units, while it has NO Fighter defense next turn.

If the Player Sets a MEDIUM Setting, the Carrier's "AIRCRAFT"-Part is equipped a 50% with Torpedoes and 50% with Air-Fighting, both of them are HALF Strength. The little Lights are both set to YELLOW then.

aditionally there are 2 CARRIER Units: CV and CVL (Heavy and Light Carriers) where the simple difference is in following setting:

1)CVL "Light" Carriers will have ONE Airsrike by turn and ONE Air defense activation, and COST LESS MPP

2)CV "Heavy" Carriers will have TWO Airsrikes by turn and TWO Air defense Activations, and COST MORE MPP

Contra: It will be the first time in SC, that TWO mixed units will be represented on ONE field.

Contra: Maybe other Units will require similar Upgrade Mixing to be consequent.

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