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The map

Guest Joe98

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Guest Joe98


Engine: new game

Synopsis: the map

The map would be a hex based map. The map cannot be too large nor to small.

It should be top down 2D like traditional wargaming maps.

If the map were too large it would mean there would be a large number of counters on the map and it would take too long to play one turn.

Obviously you cannot copy a map from another game. But, there is a recent game named Commander Europe at War. This map is a very good size. All wargamers would appreciate a map of these dimensions

The number of hexes from Berlin to Moscow is: 37

I would amend the map and have the number of hexes from Berlin to Moscow as: 45 and then amend the map everywhere else to keep the correct proportions.

Just left of the African coast is a hex numbered 31:71 Suggest a line be drawn from this hex due north and this line represents the left edge of the map. This would eliminate most of the Atlantic Ocean but as you will see in another post the Atlantic war needs to be abstracted.

You then fill the PC monitor with the new map.

If the map graphics are bright this turns off wargamers. If the map graphics are too much “board wargaming” like, the game will lose its ambiance.

The colours should subtle and just right for wargaming. As an example of Subtle colours see the Commander Europe at War map.

Problems: No problems that I can see


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