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Help Request: British Infantry Modding Project (2007-2010 Era Equipment)

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I've been tinkering on a project to update the British infantry in CMSF using variations of equipment from the 2007-2010 era. I've made some progress, but I'm now facing some challenges that I need help with.

I've got the standard troops tidied up to uniformly use DDPM, made a DDPM Camelbak, and dropped in something to mimic the original CB camelbak motherlode which was popular at the time (I had one because it was ally 🙂)


Then I started trying to get the Osprey Mk4 that we started using between 2009-2010 in the game. I tried to force the game to use German characters, and with fiddling managed to equip them with the correct vest, but all their pouches vanished. Are there any steps I can take to fix this?

Once that's done I'm hoping it's a quick jump to DDPM Mk4mixed MTP/DPM/Tan, and finally maybe full MTP.


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