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Various Supply Problems


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This game is awesome in many ways; I love that it is complex enough to be interesting and still simple enough to finish. I'm having a few problems with logistics and supply even after reading the manual and the strategy guide, and I'm hoping one of you can help me. I'm also up for a PBEM game if anyone is still playing this.

1) Is it possible to invade the Caucasus from Iraq as the Allies with Corps or Army units while Turkey is still neutral? I was able to get a German tank up into the oil fields by linking two HQs together, but even with two HQs sitting in the mountains, I could not figure out how to get any of my armies up toward the Azerbaijani oil fields. The problem wasn't Russian opposition; the problem was just that I literally didn't have enough movement points to move either my armies or my HQs any further north.

2) Is there a reason warships can't be sent around South Africa to the Suez Canal? How come only transports can make that journey? Has anyone made a mod or anything that fixes this? I checked the campaign editor but it looks like all you can edit is the starting units and starting diplomatic status -- there's no way to change the map. I think this is a great engine, and I would love to tweak the map so that, e.g., Norway & Finland are connected through Petsamo, or to add in Sudan and Ethiopia and Persia.

3) Is there a way to cut off Alexandria's supply so that it can't be reinforced back up to 8 strength every turn? There are only two land hexes bordering Alexandria and zero sea hexes for naval bombardment (the only adjacent sea hex is blocked by the port resource). Even when attacking with 2 HQs, 2 Armies (1 on each side), and a strategic bomber, I still can't knock Alexandria down to 0 strength in one turn, and I lose more attacking it each turn than it costs Britain to reinforce it. Seems pretty crazy to invest much more MPP than that in taking Alexandria; it's only worth what, 10 MPP/turn? I can get the supply I need from Suez even without conquering Alexandria. I have similar problems with Malta and Gibraltar -- I get that these were fortresses, but it seems impossible to take them, even with 4 or 5 units vs. 1 unit carrying on their attack for 6+ months.

4) What are the exact rules for when Soviet Partisans will appear? I don't want to turn that option off because I think having some kind of resistance is a really cool feature, but by winter 1942 I get bored and frustrated trying to plot out every 7-hex blob across 200+ hexes of occupied territory. I feel like I'm playing Minesweeper instead of a WW2 game. Missing even one partisan feels really punishing because they wreck your occupied cities, which destroys your ability to reinforce or purchase units inside Russia for several turns.

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