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MP/Turn-based US MGs No Deploy Option

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help me out with a problem. I am currently in the middle of a QB against my padre. We are playing over LAN in turn-based mode. He told me that of his four M1917a1 HMG teams, three of them have no option to deploy their MGs. The button is not present in the UI. The fourth one works just fine as do his M1919 and mortar teams. The MGs in question started in jeeps and a half-track. The teams that disembarked from the half-track and two of the jeeps are the ones not working. The only working team also disembarked from a jeep so I can't think it's related to the vehicles in any way. He has tried deploying both in trees and in the plain open but nothing brings the deploy weapon button back for these 3 teams.

No casualties have been suffered, we are only about 5 or 6 turns in, still in early deployment. I am at a complete loss. All of my MGs work just fine. Has anyone else bumped into this?

Thanks for any help.

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