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Game length

Guest Joe98

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Guest Joe98

Engine: New game

Synopsis: Game length

There would be a Grand campaign and some shorter scenarios

My favourite way to play a game is PBEM. WW2 lasted 6 years. If a turn lasted one month this makes a 72 turn game. This is a lot of PBEM turns but doable by most wargamars

The Grand Campaign should not exceed 72 turns.

There should be an option to have pre-war diplomacy, an option to begin research pre-war and an option to carry the war into 1946.

If these options mean the grand campaign exceeds 72 turns that’s OK by me as long as these things remain as options.

Note that the fastest Atlantic convoys only took a week to cross the Atlantic and the slowest ones took the best part of 2 weeks. If a turn is one month, the Atlantic war has to be abstracted – see my new ideas in a post to follow.

In a PBEM game, the number of players would vary from 2 to 6 so that the 6 major powers can be played by different players in a PBEM game.

If a player drops out, his troops can be controlled by a friendly player. Any player ought to be able to move the units of any friendly country. If a player did so when he is not supposed to, he would get a bad name and that is punishment enough!

Problems: No problems that I can see

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