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Meeting Engagement AAR

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Very nicely done, Robert. Maps well illustrated, shows your upfront plan and how it changed as the game went on, good writing, good action screenshots, shows the conclusion.

To make it even better--you may want to describe your forces better--the experience level of the troops you have (green, vet, etc.); the kind of artillery (105mm? Radio?), the kind of mortars (60mm, 81mm?), etc.. It is pretty important and can explain a lot of what happens later. Also, when everything is done, you may want to tell us what you were facing from the German side. I can gather from reading it, but it would be handy to have it all in one place.

Playing human opponents is much more fun. The AI in this game (as in nearly all games) is really stupid. AARs become that much more interesting.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the feedback - I´ll definately make use of the advice for coming AAR's. I´m currently writing up a massive one in a War in the Pacific PBEM, but between turns I tend to run a few quick battles in CMBO and Highway to the Reich and writing the AAR's really make me a better player (reduces my tendency to point and click too much)


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