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Hello All-

So I have a slightly older laptop from HP that has been playing all the CM titles faithfully for years and now all of a sudden they will no longer even load (Logo pops up then--POOOF!!) get "CM Has Stopped Working and has shut down" Message. Also now get a message at Boot up "kbdsynch.exe no longer working". I have been pursuing various options with John in Tech support (Great guy everyone should praise his dedication) but so far we are stuck...

What we do know (or think we know) is that it is most likely a video card/driver issue... The computer has a dual graphics card set-up (Radeon 7850M & Intell HD 4000) that has only ever been a problem, but despite this it has worked well for a very long time, and most likely the problem has to do with the recent AMD driver update. If any one else has had this problem or a similar one please let us know what you have figured out because it is now going on a month without these great games which for me have become central to the way I relax and ease my worried mind. I have attached a dxdiag txt file to this below for anyone to look at if that helps... 

What we have tried:

1) Clean uninstall of AMD drivers and reinstall of newest ones (which I think are actually the problem based on forum posts on amd website and others) which I was talked through by an AMD Tech support guy--who after it didn't work told me to go to HP for help--but they are money grubbing maggots who want to charge a $60 service fee every time you call tech support when the warranty has expired on your product--Which I am morally opposed to as well as too poor to afford.

2)Just about every combination of settings in the "Catalyst Controller" which is the AMD switchable graphics software.

Please, if anyone knows anyone that may be able to help me out here I would be very grateful and if you live in the Bay Area, CA I would happily buy you a beer or a soda or whatever you would like... Getting desperate here.

Thanks for your time

DxDiag oct 3 2017.txt

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