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Free Books on Pacific Theater

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I recently found myself in possession of a pre-release copy of a boxed set of three books following one guy who was in the pacific theater and his family.  It was written by his son and based on a huge number of letters, plus family history and a bunch of additional research he did.  It was a display copy at a booth next to mine at a trade show, and because it's a quite large set (9 lbs!) and they were having trouble packing things into the available space for the return trip, I offered to find it a nice home.  I was briefly tempted to keep it, but I'll never really have time to read through it, and I know there are a lot of people here who will appreciate it more than me, and might even like to use it as research material for other things they're doing.


The website for the book is here: http://wilberswar.com/ it's a little incomplete, but probably the best description I found is the prologue in the "inside the books" section.  It's quite a sad beginning to what appears to be a very interesting set of books.


Rather than give it to the first or nth person to pm me.  I'm going to ask people who want it to pm me something short (not more than a hundred words or so) on how they'll give it a good home.  The only condition is that you can't resell it, at least not until it's well worn and dog eared and your kids are having your estate sale. Or you need to sell the books to live in the box it comes in.  I'll pick the best one and pm you back for shipping info.  I'll pay for shipping to anywhere in the US (it's 9 lbs, foreign shipping gets to be $$$) -- if I can get it in a flat rate box you'll get it fast, otherwise it goes media mail.  All decisions are arbitrary and capricious, and once it goes into the mail, final.  Unless you gave me a bum address and it comes back.  Right now it's new and pristine, but it may arrive slightly thumbed through if I have time.  All entries should be PM'd to me or posted in this thread by end of July 12 pacific daylight, though I reserve the right to accept later entries if they're really good.


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