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When BF produces the first title based on CMx2 and assuming that it is WW2 will the next title be WW2. I doubt it. And if that is the case then I also doubt that BF will be over excited about providing the same patch support that they now provide. They will be looking to another market. Surprise Surprise. How can we tempt them to remain loyal to us. Simple, rewards, what kind of rewards simple, money, How can there be money for BF after the initial purchase???? poppys

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Online gaming is a big trend right now. I'm not saying that it is the best solution, but more and more games are starting to use monthly subscription schemes ($5-15, no arms broken).

WW2 seems to draw enough attention to be a market. I've bfiefly looked at some of the recent WW2 RTS games (Blitzkrieg, Codename Panzer, D-Day). Stunning graphics, but game play sucks. (And I won't even mention the word 'realism' in connection with those games). But looking at the 'online' aspect of those games (with the risk of going off-topic), some features stand out that are missing in CM:

- team play (e.g. 4 vs 4 games)

- match making lobby

- real real-time

Btw, (I'm fairly new to CM and this forum), what is this CMx2 that seems to be mention here and there now and then?

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CMx2 is the name given for a game currently being developed by Battlefront.Details are farily patchy, but we do now the following;

1. It's being developed by Battlefront

2. It's a game

3. It's probably another wargame

4. CMx2 is it's development title

5. It's a complete waste of time asking Battlefront about it

6. Nearly everyone has a view to what it should be

If you wish to lose the will to live, do a search on CMx2 or CM2 or CMXX, go to the earliest post and read them all the way through.



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