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Flags and Units Mod

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I found the stock NATO unit icons not terribly helpful, so I've modified them so there is a unique icon for units where there was a double up, such as artillery/railgun/armoured-train and recce/fighter/fighter-bomber/medium-bomber/heavy-bomber. I also modified the German and Japanese flags in all the places I could find, so that the Japanese flag is the rising sun, and the German flag is the Kriegsmarine flag. The isn't strictly correct, for Germany as a whole, but I find it a more appealing flag than the bare swastika-in-a-white-circle-on-red. I'm not the greatest Photoshop pilot, so some of the images might be a bit rough. I like them, though, and hopefully you do too.


Suitable for both AoC and AoD.




Note the XX, XXX, and XXXX for Division, Corps, and Army. In this image you can also see a rail gun (artillery symbol on a rail wagon), fighter aircraft (arrow pointing up with wings), medium bombers (line with an open dot at the bottom and wings), and the special forces unit logo on the Soviet unit in Brest Litovsk.


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