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Ukr campaign mission 2 feedback (spoilers)


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Attack on Zasissya


Started as a good scenario, like the 1st in the campaign. Liked the map. But there is a small issue...


I started by bombing the highground to dust with Oplots and 152mm, while 120mm struck the warehouses. Under the cover of the barrages I moved in from the left with one platoon of infantry to cover the warehouse and provide base of fire for later attack. Hinds kept killing stuff further away, but they didn't report any contacts.


I then isolated the highground with smokescreen and moved in with 2 Oplots and 1 platoon of infantry. The few last surviving enemies were mopped and the highground was taken. Simultaneously along the highway my tanks and APCs kept killing individual BMPs and infantry teams as they were spotted. Even a T-72. Then I took the warehouses losing one APC with all infantry inside to a RPG team.


So far so good. With no contacts whatsoever, and reinforcements arriving, I decided to flank from right. I went around the forest with the reinforcing 4 Oplots and infantry platoon, with 4 other Oplots providing cover. I approached the final objective from the right, with only few individual Russians trying to resist. Good thing the APS kept RPGs from hitting and the trailing APCs bombed the spotted targets with autocannons.


Now, what really annoyed me... It's 0930, and out of nowhere a 2 platoons of BMPs and 2-3 T-72s (there is no AAR tool!) spawned 10 meters from my BTRs trailing the Oplots that have just reached the objective. 3 minutes of total carnage follow, with the whole infantry platoon blowing up inside their BTRs during the first 5 seconds of action. Lost one Oplot too, otherwise the enemy that materialized from thin air was obliterated. Russians surrender and I get a total victory, but I think the platoon that was lost will be useful later in the campaign?


Maybe the scenario author didn't take into account either the amount of time it takes to finish the scenario or the possibility to quickly flank from the right? The enemy reinforcements spawned right in the middle of my force, which is a real immersion killer. In this particular scenario, the map could be extended further to have the reinforcements arrive from somewhere rather than spawn. Having them start where they spawned would make them Hind food if the player, like me, uses them early on to hunt for targets in the enemy rear. Maybe it will be different after a patch?


This was just a quick feedback from the Ukrainian campaign. Finished 2 mission of it so far and also a number of single scenarios. Good stuff!

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I want to report that the same happened to me and my course of action was similar to Zipuli.  While not game breaking the company materializing out of nowhere among my units  who worked hard to get to that position was a bit frustrating.


Edit: I also agree with his suggestion on a fix for it if it is deemed by developers in need of tweeking

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