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Close to Submitting a New Mission for the T-34/85

Mortarman Deke

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I only have submitted 2 mission updates for the T-34/85 to the Battlefront.com Repository, so I thought it would be nice to try to create some more missions for this great tank.

I'm re-using that great training environment map again, that I used for the T-72 capture radar outpost mission. This new one will be centered around a light armored force tasked with extracting civilians pinned down in some lowlands in the middle of a battlefield in a lightly contested area along allied and enemy front lines. Your tank crew is tasked with supporting 2 additional T-34/85's and an MTLB with picking up the civilians, and then getting them to safely to a helicopter landing pad. At which point an allied Mi-8 will fly the civilians to safety, and then return to provide air support.

Enemy forces consist of 2 SU-100's, 5 M50 SuperShermans, 2 Sprut-B anti-tank guns, and two infantry squads. Allied forces consist of 3 T-34/85 tanks (including the player's tank), an MTLB, and an Mi-8.

The development of the mission is basically complete, and I'm nearly finished with testing the mission out for gameplay performance, and also to make sure all the scripts and triggers execute properly. This one is one of the most complicated missions I put together in the missions editor thus far. Also I added full stabilization to all tanks, upgraded the ammo for the T-34/85's, and gave the T-34 improved internal firefighting capability. I wanted to give the feel of a modern light armored force in this one.

I'll have more updates as I expect to have this mission submitted for the Battlefront Repository later this week. If you want to see screenshots of this new mission, you can check them out on Facebook on my fan page for this game at: www.facebook.com/T72BalkansOnFire .

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