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'Dutch'Biography of Ronald Reagan

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Guest Big Time Software

Man... why do these freaking threads always pop up when I go away for a day?!?

In general I do not like the "everybody is great" postings, even though a large number of them are very flattering to Charles and myself smile.gif However, I support Matt's post and the ensuing thread of support for him (and Fionn) because it was in direct response to some totally irresponsible posts. One directly blamed, and I mean BLAMED, Matt and Fionn's tireless efforts over at Combat HQ for delaying Combat Mission. The record needed to be set straight, and it was.

As for the signal to noise ratio here now vs. 6 months ago... it is about the same IMHO. The signals are more and stronger, so there is obviously going to be more noise. This is a rule of nature. The fact that there is in general so little noise (which, ironically Stephen has contributed to) makes this BBS quite unique and very positive. Perfect? Nope, but perfection is impossible, so we will just have to settle with damned good and be happy. Ignoring OT threads is an option.


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