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The Saddest Military in the World


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Funny stuff:


North Korea is famous for its angry threats towards South Korea and the United States. However, there are many reasons why neither South Korea or the United States really has much to worry about. Yes, North Korea is an unstable country with many problems and is possibly nuclear capable. However, their missile technology is grossly exaggerated and their army is woefully outdated for ever late 20th Century warfare.

Their army is huge, one of the largest in the world but that doesn't mean much these days. Iraq had one of the largest armies in the world in 1990. Iraq's army lasted less than four days in Desert Storm. While North Korea is a slightly greater threat than Iraq on the battlefield there might be less to worry about when it comes to a war as we will see.

What few photographs are allowed to come out of North Korea make their army look more like a military version of the Keystone Cops than a truly modern, professional army. War isn't a laughing matter, I know because I have seen it first-hand. However, until the Korean War resumes (it never officially ended) we can always look to the North Koreans for a little fun.

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