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Campaign: KE

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OK, it is no secret that I find the campaigns extremely long and difficult--but persist.

Two general questions:

1. If one can't figure out how to win a battle, or just finds it too exhausting to redo (the second battle), is if better just to go back to set-up phase, truce, and take the loss of the battle without taking loss of troops? In other words, does bloodying the AI count for anything, generally, in a campaign? ( I know, one is playing against one's own version of success, and it would be great if a victory could be won without saves, etc. But PT's campaigns take occasional losses, I think, as almost given--and it is interesting to see the different paths, not just the one where one wins every time)

2. I started the game after the 2.0 engine upgrade, but before the most recent patch and MG upgrade. Will I still have some bridge pathing issues that I hear about on later battles? Should I start all over? (Which would...ahem...give me a chance to improve my results)

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