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The Labrynth (RTM)

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I don't understand how to beat this mission. The forces and support provided are adequate, but the map and the vast number of hedgerows with large open fields you must overcome turn what should be an interesting employment of indirect and suppressive fire into a mad dash for the farmhouse at the end of the map.

It's quite a pleasure clearing through the bocage with a mixture of spotters, mortars, and direct fire from the MGs, but at the end of the day, the German stronghold surrounding the farmhouse is far too much to overcome in the 5 minutes or so that remain once you get into contact with it. I've slid up the left side, gone through the middle, and even attacked round the back while also committing a frontal assault with my armor.

Nothing seems to work, as there is no cover, and it's impossible to smoke the final hedgerow since the spotters are always mystically blocked by the tall grass they choose to lay in. Even when there is enough concealment to get up to the last set of bocage, one German can slaughter an entire squad with an automatic weapon, and the American infantry never seem to fire first.

It could be finished competitively if 10-15 minutes were added on, but the final objective is always just out of reach.

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